Residential Security and Fire Systems


Security Systems:

Every customer is unique to us; and that includes their security needs as well.  At Armco, we feel strongly about designing a system to meet your individual priorities, and one that makes you feel safe and confident 24/7.  We use reputable and established brands like Honeywell and Napco which have the latest technologies to fit any situation.  Our goal is to build customers for a lifetime, and we do our best to establish trust and follow through with customer service to ensure a positive relationship.

Camera Systems:

With the decrease in cost and the advancement in technologies, installing cameras in your home has become more affordable. Armco offers a full line of cameras and digital video recorders for home use, from a single IP camera to a complete home monitoring solution. Our cameras and DVRs are all capable of being viewed over the internet or on any smart phone and they can even be monitored offsite by sending you a text message. This feature is an excellent way to ensure that your loved ones arrived home safely.

With the increased advancement in surveillance systems in the industry, families can now protect their home with full HD systems. Our customers will be able to view their cameras anywhere they are through their smartphone, tablet, or computer. You will have the ability to increase the size of the picture or zoom in on real-time or recorded video while maintaining the HD quality in the picture.

Fire Systems:

We have the ability also to install a residential fire system that is code compliant with all of the local ordinances where you live, and enables you to feel secure that if a fire were to happen, you would be alerted immediately.  In addition to that, with our monitoring system, the local fire company and police would be notified within seconds, and help would be on the way.

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