Commercial Security and Fire Systems


Security Systems

At Armco Alarm, we are very aware that every business is different, and every set of needs are different.  Our sales and design team will meet with you to determine a security plan based on the size of your building, employee concerns or any other specific needs of your business.  Our goal is to establish trust and a positive working relationship so that we may be your one stop company for all of your security and fire needs.  We deal with Honeywell and Napco for our equipment, two of the most trusted names in the security industry.

Access Control Systems

Access control is of prime importance when businesses need to secure important or confidential information and equipment. With a keyless entry system installed by Armco Alarm Company, your business can manage and monitor the activity of your employees and visitors to your place of business.

Armco maintains and installs door access and telephone entry systems.  From a simple one door access system to a multi door networked system, we can design and install the system that is right for you.

Fire Systems, Extinguishers, Emergency Lights

We have the unique ability to accommodate almost every aspect of your building’s needs under one roof.  Armco can design, install, and monitor your fire system, regardless of how basic or advanced the system is.  We work with local fire marshalls and compliance officers from townships and ensure your system is designed to meet or exceed local requirements.  In addition to that, we can service and inspect all extinguishers in your building, as well as emergency and exit lights.  If you have hydrants that you are responsible for, we can conduct flow tests and provide certifications for those as well.

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